Trailer for Creative England and BFI funded short film, Truck.

The apocalypse has arrived and the only way out is in the back of a truck. A middle class family flee the city. They have no idea of what to expect. When new passengers joins them, it triggers the meltdown of the family dynamic. The daughter embraces the violence of the new society, whilst the son has to choose between his mother and father.

Financed by Creative England and the BFI, Truck was shot in August 2015. The film was produced by Endor productions. Completion is current scheduled for December 2015, but check back for updates, behind the scenes videos etc.

The short is also serving as a pilot for a feature project of the same name.

Director: Rob Curry
Writer: Anthony Fletcher
Producer: Paul Ashton, Farhana Bhula
DOP: Pau Castejón
Editor: Frankie Caradonna